Complete without complexity
Small business CRM for sales

Small business CRM: Connecting activities to business results

Saleswah lines up your most promising opportunities

Profile your target customers
Who are you selling to?
What is their business?
When did you last speak to them? What about?
What have you done with them? For them? In last one year.
Is your contact list the same as in Gmail?
Profile interaction and sales history
What are they buying? Who needs a push?
Map activities with results. Set appointments. Assign Tasks and monitor. See which campaigns get you more bang for the buck. Track every individual deal progress through stages. Step in where your team needs help.
Sales funnel management in collaboration with marketing

Do you have enough funnel?

Run customized email campaigns to build funnel and track results. Create proposals and leverage across the team. Share templates.

Stay focused on your sales target
Will you meet target next month?
Get a clear picture of your sales funnel. Slice and dice by opportunity stage, chance of win, product type etc.Is your sales team forecasting too conservative?