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Complete without complexity:
CRM for small businesses worldwide

Small business CRM: Connecting activities to business results

Saleswah lines up your most promising opportunities

Are you asking yourself these questions?

Profile your target customers
Who are you selling to?
Complete contact and account profile with activity planning and management.
Profile and interaction history.
Account level dashboards.
Integrated with Google Apps and Outlook.
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Profile interaction and sales history
What are they buying? Who needs a push?
Map activities with results. See which campaigns get you more bang for the buck. Track every individual deal progress through stages. Step in where your team needs a help pushing things.
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Sales funnel management in collaboration with marketing
Do you have enough funnel for next 3 months?
Run customized email campaigns to build funnel and track results. Create proposals and leverage across the team. Share templates.
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Stay focused on your sales target
Will you meet target next month?
Get a clear picture of your sales funnel. Slice and dice by opportunity stage, chance of win, product type etc. Is your sales team forecasting too conservative or aggressive?
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Intuitive, Complete, Simple. Small business CRM: boost your sales

Simple to set-up and use, intuitive navigation and complete functionality

(Now on Windows store as well)
The power of Saleswah CRM lies in an intuitive understanding of the way salespeople work in a B2B setting. Add a Contact and an Account- then create a Task, follow through and mark complete when done. Add a Deal, link decision makers from the Contact list of the Account; even schedule activities against each of them.

Saleswah CRM brings in intuitive user interface, logical navigation and just the right insight making this a delight for salespeople to use. Use Saleswah CRM from the web or from Windows 8 app on your desktop or tab. Create and update Contacts, Accounts, Tasks and Deals and get rare visibility into how they are related to each other.