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  • Who are you selling to?
  • Is your CRM filtering the right opportunities to chase?
  • Are Sales and Marketing working on the same data towards the same goal?
  • Do you want ONE system for managing Contacts, Appointments, To-Dos, Proposals and Sales?
Always free with the Basic Plan*
Simple CRM on the web and phone for selling: no complexity low price!
No Complexity
Work with your favorite tools!
Don’t worry about spending hours or even days migrating your customers from other places. Login, click once and you are done importing your contact list with all information.

Stay synced with your Google Account and ensure your edits on one side show up on the other. And this across all your devices: phone, desktop or web.
Selling is tough, let us help!
Saleswah trawls through customer interaction history and shows you just where you need to focus, which opportunity is further along the funnel and how much your own forecasts are away from reality.
Customize Saleswah
In 60 minutes or less
Your address, your "send from" email address, your time-zone and currency and your logo to round off your persona.
Customize the task types, add your product list and guess what? You are ready to sell!
Always free with the Basic Plan*
Is your Marketing aligned with Sales?
Let Saleswah tell you
Sales works on opportunities (leads) and interacts with prospects.
Saleswah captures the interactions and guides future sales and marketing action.

Collaborate and win!
Stay synced with Google Contacts, Calendar and Tasks
Create once, edit multiple times in Saleswah and have your Contacts, Tasks and Appointments show up in the linked Google account. Have Google remind you of the upcoming appointment.
Always free with the Basic Plan*
Bring your own device!
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Mobile first, cloud first: Saleswah CRM. Start selling!