How Saleswah works

How Saleswah works

Saleswah web-hosted CRM manages your entire sales pipeline

Convert sales leads to customer. Saleswah CRM helps grow sales for small businesses around the world, by growing a healthy sales pipeline and turning the sales leads to customers. Helping profile customer contacts, driving all sales and marketing actions to grow business, capturing customer interactions individually as well at the Account level; Saleswah helps focus resources on the path to revenue.

A Dashboard that is a launchpad into your business


Saleswah CRM Dashboard on the web


Sales and marketing collaborate to manage Customer Relationships

How Saleswah CRM turns sales leads to customers

Saleswah CRM: comprehensive CRM for small business worldwide from Saleswah CRM

Saleswah CRM manages workflows like:

  • Contact management with one step contact upload process and synchronise with Google Apps contact list.
  • Task management : creation, assignment, update status and monitor. Synchronise with Google Apps.
  • Campaign management- email creation, target selection and mailing and response logging
  • Sales Management:
    • Campaign to lead
    • Sales Lead to customer, with all major qualification steps and stages
    • Quote to cash
  • New leads and tasks are sent as mobile and email alerts to the sales executive.
  • Large set of always updated reports and dashboards.