FAQ- Saleswah Lite

Why obsolete/ discontinue “Lite CRM”

Offline is no longer a key business requirement

We believe the mobile-first, cloud-first world is here.

We created the Saleswah Lite CRM Add-in to Outlook because we wanted to give customers a way to use their CRM while offline. But, with the growing ubiquity and availability of the internet, we do not see that as a huge desire any more.

Is there a benefit of working online?

1. Never lose your data: Since we maintain it on our servers.
2. Get to run reports: Saleswah CRM online helps run reports which give you a bird’s eye view of all the key parameters of your account.
3. Get access to enhanced functionalities: Saleswah CRM online has many more features than the (offline) desktop version- Personal CRM. For starters, you can upload product lists and send quotes. You can also send mailers, track responses etc.
4. Share and collaborate: with your team in the office, automatically generate team forecasts and funnel reports.

5. Still FREE!: One of the key reasons for using the Saleswah CRM Lite Outlook Add-In was that it was FREE for the individual user. But, the Saleswah CRM Basic CRM is FREE too, for the single user! For a much richer feature set and easier to user as well.