FAQ- Saleswah Lite

Why “Lite CRM”

Familiar look and feel

We believe that a software must be used; and we could not think of any better known business software product than Outlook to get folks using CRM.

What will Saleswah Lite CRM do?

Saleswah Lite will help track all your sales opportunities by stage in the sales cycle, chance of win, value and date of forecast. We are committed to releasing more enhancements in the new year to allow it to manage tasks, aggregate opportunities and contacts by accounts and so on.

Offline access

As a sales person, we are always on the move and sometimes, you just want to sit back and get your work done offline before synchronising with the server. Most people we know, work like that with their email on Outlook.

When online…

Unified view of the Contact

See all the activities ever logged against the contact in one place; build up a action profile over time. Useful before going to meet the customer for a sales call.

Using Saleswah Lite with online CRM

Can I use it with my Saleswah online account?

Yes, of course.

Is it necessary to have an online account with Saleswah?

No. You can use the Personal CRM as is, without any problem or ever connecting with us online.

Is there a benefit of working online?

1. Never lose your data: Since we maintain it on our servers.
2. Get to run reports: Saleswah CRM online helps run reports which give you a bird’s eye view of all the key parameters of your account.
3. Get access to enhanced functionalities: Saleswah CRM online has many more features than the (offline) desktop version- Personal CRM. For starters, you can upload product lists and send quotes. You can also send mailers, track responses etc.
4. Share and collaborate: with your team in the office, automatically generate team forecasts and funnel reports.

Is it really free?

Simply, yes!

For those who are looking for a catch, there is none. Saleswah Lite CRM is not for sale; now, or in the near future, at least. And, should we decide to start charging for downloads at a later stage, why let that bother you now?

Will you send me spam?

We would love to ( :D ), but how? We do not ask you to share your email address, we do not ask that you register with us or share any personal details. I mean, how?

Future enhancements

This is kind of basic

Not for long, we hope; for starters, please check our product blog post which gives the near term roadmap for Saleswah CRM Add-in for Outlook.

In short, tell me what enhancements

Think of it this way, we plan on delivering almost all the Saleswah Basic license features for single user on your desktop. That is, right now.