Outlook based CRM: Download Saleswah Lite now!

Outlook based CRM Saleswah Lite is now discontinued!

Saleswah Lite is was a free downloadable Outlook based CRM software that is was extremely easy to use. We are discontinuing it with immediate effect. We encourage customers to use one of many apps of Saleswah, on Windows 8, Windows Phone or on Android. It is an instalable CRM add-in to MS-Outlook. Once installed, it allows you to track your sales opportunities, individually right inside your Outlook!

To download Saleswah Lite CRM Add-in to Outlook, click on the download link on this page. You will download a self-extracting archive file. The archive has 3 files;  for installation instructions, please read the Read Me First…. and then proceed.

Awarded 5 star by Soft321Saleswah Lite certified free of Malware by SoftpediaDownload 32 awards 5 Stars to Saleswah Lite CRMAwarded 5 stars by Softtester Listed by Shareware UpdateRated 5-star by Findsoft