Account set up

Saleswah Account Set-up

How to set up Saleswah CRM in less than an hour

It takes less than an hour to finish the Saleswah CRM set-up. CRM setup need not take days or even hours.
Are you dreading the prospect of spending days setting up before becoming productive with Saleswah? Relax. It takes less than an hour to finish the Saleswah CRM setup.

First things first; Saleswah CRM setup is best done on the web. No matter how you registered with Saleswah, on the web or through any of the apps (Android, Windows desktop and phone, Outlook add-in). They all work together, they all share data.

  1. Change your password: Login to Saleswah. Click on your name- top right corner. Click on Change Password.
  2. Relogin with your new password. Now, work through the application settings, systematically Application settings pop-up:
    • Set your master currency, time zone, other currency- if applicable, upload your company logo. If you have a standard terms and conditions documents that accompanies quotes to clients, upload that too.
  • Set custom values for Designations. Industries, Customer types, Task types and Deal (opportunity) sources.
  • Email configuration: Set up one email address from which all mails will go to clients- whether quotes or literature or purchase order acknowledgements.

Upload product list: You will need to upload your product list to complete the CRM setup. The product list is very important to enjoy the full functionality of Saleswah. Without this, you will not be able to send quotes, log sales opportunities in Saleswah. Please follow instructions on the screen. The actual upload takes a few seconds; the preparation and formatting your price list should not take more than 30 minutes.

That is it; you are done with Saleswah CRM setup.