How to add, upload, assign and convert leads

What is a lead and what to do with it?

Understanding leads

A lead is a preliminary information about a possible interest in your product or service. To make any sense, a lead needs to have at a bare minimum, a name and contact number/ email for us to follow up.

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Where do leads come from? How to add them

Leads can come from multiple sources: your website, someone calling in, a chance meeting at a public space, a marketing campaign- roadshow or tradeshow etc.

You can add a lead to Saleswah CRM

  • one by one
  • by uploading a list

In both these cases, the menu options are available under Sales to the left. While you can add as much information as you have, a name and contact information (email or phone) are mandatory.

Assigning leads

By default leads are assigned to the user who is adding it to the CRM.

Only users in a Sales or Marketing role can add a lead or be assigned a lead.

Leads can be assigned to anyone below you in the hierarchy.; i.e. a manager to his reportee.

Cancelling leads

Leads can be cancelled by anyone who is at present assigned the lead. Saleswah keeps a record of the person who cancelled the lead and the date and time of cancellation.

While cancelling a lead, select a reason from the drop-down menu. And, yes, the reasons can be customized by your account administrator.