All about Tasks management

Add, assign, update and track tasks in Saleswah CRM

What is a Task? Setting up for Saleswah for Tasks

Tasks, like in other calendar programs like Outlook or Google calendar- are activities that you have set-up in the calendar. They have a target date for completion.

Saleswah does the same things but adds a bit more. It requires you to tag a customer contact name and allows tagging a product category. It also allows you to assign/ re-assign it to yourself, the account owner (default) or some one else. Further, Tasks can be linked with a deal (sales opportunity).

Every organization has its own definition of sales tasks- and while we pre-load a Saleswah account with Task types such as Call, Demo, Meet etc, you can edit, delete or add new Task types in application settings.

Task types

Add a new task

Click the + button on top menu area and select Add Task. Type out the account name, if the account exists, you will get a prompt to select the existing account. Select a contact from the account (or add a new one), a product name and a task type. Save.

Updating tasks- tracking progress

Update tasks – either mark them as closed or reschedule for another day. You can see the history of the task below.

You can even re-assign the task to another user.