BYOD: Anywhere access to CRM

Bring your own device!

We are on Android Playstore, powering hundreds of live users. We are on the Windows store – where we were among the first CRM vendors to release our app.

ZDNet called us among the top eight must have apps for small businesses.

Any working Saleswah License is good enough to access any of these apps.

Many of our users spend most of their time on the apps. These are comprehensive, with just enough functionality and in many cases, they complement Saleswah on the web. For instance, you can call from the phone and log the call summary against a CRM record.

Many user types can access the CRM only from the mobile app. For instance, a service technician can only update tickets from the mobile app. Most of the on field visits for salesmen selling books to schools are logged using the mobile app- which also help in tracking their physical address.

So, whether you are using Saleswah for managing B2B sales or field service or using it to track visits and meetings over a large distributed team,  Saleswah is best experienced using multiple devices. Use it on the desktop app, on the web or on your phone.