Keeping a clean Accounts List

Saleswah CRM makes it possible to maintain a clean database

How to keep your list of Accounts healthy

account and contact profiles cleanup
Cleaning up your account list

Merge duplicate accounts

It is easy to end up creating duplicate accounts. To you, Pepsico may be the same as Pepsi, but to the software, they are very different. Over a period of time, any database will end up with duplicate records.

Saleswah allows you to select the duplicate accounts and then merge them into one. The beauty is that it pulls in all the contacts, tasks, deals etc which were earlier distributed among all the duplicate account records and assigns them to the merged account record.

To merge records, go to the account list, sort the list and then select the account you need to merge. Click on merge accounts.

Use this opportunity to update the profile of the new merged account.

Delete accounts: carefully

When you select accounts from the list and delete them, it deletes all associated contacts, tasks, deals etc. So, think twice before you delete.

Assign them to the right “owner”

Sales accounts have to have the right owner- the sales executive or the sales manager who is the first point of contact for the customer in the account.

Select accounts to assign, click on the Assign Accounts button and select the sales executive or manager to assign it to.

If you have service users, you can select the service executive to assign the account to as well.

Accounts assigned to a user – and all their contacts, associated deals, tasks and so on, are visible to the user’s manager and his manager as well.

Assign to Parent Account

This helps group several accounts under one parent account. For example HCL Tech- your client- may have several offices around the globe. Each of the offices is an account. But, the parent company is the Parent account.

More on parent accounts…