CRM With Google Apps

CRM with Google Apps

What is Google Apps?

Google Apps is a suite of Google applications that brings together essential services to help your business. This is a hosted service that lets businesses, schools, and institutions use a variety of Google products — including Email, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Talk — on a unique domain (e.g., Google.

Why integrate with Google Apps?

More than 5 Million Businesses worldwide run their office using Google Apps. Perhaps, your business is one of them?

How does Saleswah CRM work with Google Apps?

Saleswah CRM users can use their Google Apps credentials (email) to securely sign into Saleswah. They can also:

  • Securely synchronise their contact list between Saleswah and Google Apps.
  • Synchronise tasks from Saleswah CRM with Google Apps.
  • Create calendar invites from Saleswah CRM and insert those in their linked Google calendar and keep them synchronized. Modifications and updates made to the same calendar entry in one application is reflected in the other.

Saleswah integration saves you time

You have the freedom to create and edit the profile of your contacts in Google or in Saleswah, safe in the knowledge that your changes will be reflected in the other system as well. Same with the tasks that are assigned to you or you assign to others.