Email marketing

Email marketing best practices

1-2-3 of email marketing:

Email marketing best practices to attract more valuable leads

1. Create professional looking templates

Click on Create Email (under Marketing in LHS menu). Use the editor to create your html newsletter.


  1. Use the “Source” button in the template creator to toggle between HTML editor view and the Visual editor. HTML editor is for those of you who know at least a bit of HTML. You can also use this to paste html page design done by a 3rd party.
  2. Use the “Place holder” to embed customization tags: for mailmerge. So, if you wish your email newsletter to go out to Dear John Smith, we wish you and your team at Megacorp a very happy new year…, then, embed the mailmerge tags using the tool like the following:Dear##contact.firstname## ##contact.lastname##, we wish you and your team at a very happy new year…
  1. Embed tracking tags: Using the same “Place holder”, select “Register”, and select Click on Insert placeholder. This will turn into a link for your invitees to click if they wish to register for an upcoming event (like a seminar) to which you are inviting them.

2. Select the target list to mail to

If there is one best practice that truly stands out among all email marketing best practices, it is this. Why would you blast out your marketing message to anyone and everyone, without caring for their preferences? Fortunately, Saleswah allows you to filter from your contact list in fairly fine detail: based on their demographic and past activity profile.

Click on Target email, under Marketing to the left. The list builder uses simple binary (boolean) logic to create a filter. Save the list. For details on using this tool, see here.

3. Execute campaign and track responses

Go to the “Send email campaign” link to the left under Marketing. Fill up the details. Select the campaign email and the target list that you want to mail to. Save.mailed to. Hit save. Your quote is ready to be emailed. Click on the linked PDF file to preview.

Go to the campaign contacts tab and remove the contacts that you would rather not email to. For details on how to do this, see our post.