Installed base of equipment in Service CRM

Supporting your installed base

Let’s first understand the different ways your installed base gets created.

The most common way is for the equipment to be sold, shipped and installed at customer site. When you sell a product, your back-end factory gets to produce the product. While it ships out of the factory, a unique serial number is attached to it.


Once the shipped equipment gets installed at a customer site, it becomes a part of the installed base. Technically complicated and heavy equipment might need installation support; for which installation ticket might need to be raised and assigned to a service executive.

Of course, when a new equipment is thus installed at customer site, it will be under warranty.

But, it could also happen that a client has called you and asked you to take over his existing products installed at his sites for maintenance. The products may be old and long out of warranty coverage. In that case, you will upload the list of products and then assign a service contract to them so they can be brought under service coverage.

Once an equipment is in your installed base, service tickets can be logged, assigned tracked and closed on it.