Saleswah Service CRM setup

Three things to do for Saleswah service CRM setup

The service CRM setup involves a few additional steps on the part of the admin.

Remember the setup that you already did for the sales CRM part is baseline. The real important parts there are:

  1. Setting up your email – iMAP and SMTP
  2. Uploading your product list
  3. Customizing your list of Tasks etc.

Having done all of that, get to the core service CRM. Here are the additional three things to do.

3 things for service crm setup

Create your warranty settings

Your company has a warranty policy for products it sells. Here’s where you set it up. In terms of duration, service entitlements, number of scheduled visits etc.

 Setup your contracts

Set up the standard contract terms for your equipment service post-warranty. Contracts are similar to warranty.

Installed base

Having equipment to service is critical. The list of equipment you have sold to customers in the past, their warranty or contract status, their physical location and configuration- you need to know all to provide after sales support. We provide guided menu driven ways to add equipment to the installed base and assign them to a service contract.