How to work with Saleswah

What you should read before Saleswah CRM account setup

Saleswah is a enterprise class CRM software for managing the entire gamut of your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service activities. It assumes your company has a marketing team, a sales team and a service team. Saleswah CRM++ users can be either Sales Type or Service Type. Within each type, a variety of roles can be defined for each user.

hierarchy user account

Basics of Saleswah functions, roles and data access

Saleswah works on the assumption that sales and service teams are organized in a hierarchy. For instance, the sales organization is like a pyramid; headed by a person who is in charge of sales and marketing functions.  Same is the case with the Service organization.

If you users in your Saleswah CRM account other than yourself, creating the hierarchy of users is among the first steps in Saleswah CRM account setup. This allows role based and hierarchy based data sharing.

Sales executives manage territories with “Accounts”- customer organizations. Each Sales team has Sales executives who report to managers and who in turn report to other, more senior managers.

Sales Execs A, B, C reporting to manager X cannot see any customer details except those that are assigned to them. But, X can see and have access to all the data and reports of territories/ accounts managed by A, B and C.