Import contacts

Import contacts, link to social accounts, keep list updated and clean

Add contacts one by one or Import!

You can of course add Contact records easily into Saleswah one by one. But, when you are starting off with a brand new Saleswah account, you might want to add your existing Contacts in bulk from where they are.

Import from a spreadsheet

Saleswah lets you upload an Excel spreadsheet to populate your contact database. For good measure, and uniquely, it does the job of assigning multiple contacts to the same account record, automatically. A real time saver.

Import from Microsoft (Live/ Office-365) or Google

At a click of a button, import your contacts from your linked Google or Microsoft Accounts. Contacts must be in the Saleswah folder in Google and they must have some bare minimum information to be imported.

Keep contacts synced between CRM and your Microsoft and Google accounts

Importing contacts gets you started fast with your CRM. Saleswah also has the ability to sync your Saleswah Contacts (and Tasks) with your linked Google Apps account, your office 365 (Outlook on web) and your desktop Outlook (using the free Outlook Saleswah Lite CRM plug-in). All of these are bi-directional syncs; meaning changes made on one side will appear on the other.

Added contacts from all over, but now plagued by duplicates?

Saleswah has tools to help clean up duplicates as well.  We recommend first performing the account merge function.

After account merge, go to the Contact list and delete duplicate Contact names in the same account!