Managing customer profiles

Keeping your customer profiles – accounts and contacts updated in CRM

CRM terms- accounts and contacts

Accounts are organizations that you are selling into and contacts are people that work in those organizations.

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In Saleswah, all activities are targeted to contacts and logged against them. Contacts being grouped under accounts, all the activities are grouped under them as well.  Sales opportunities (deals) are shown against Accounts- where one or more Contact is a decision maker from the customer side.

Customer information everywhere

Link with customer data

Whether your customer data is in Outlook or in your phone or in Google, you can link to it and keep your information updated.

Simply link your Office 365 account, G-Suite for Work account to Saleswah. Or, using our installable addin- link your desktop Outlook to Saleswah on the web. From your phone, send your phone Contacts to Saleswah.