Sales CRM

US$ 17 /user/month payable annually
(Contact sales for volume licensing plans)
  • Contact management
  • Customer profiling and history
  • Hierarchy and territory management
  • Appointments, Tasks scheduling & tracking
  • Sales target setting/ tracking
  • Lead to deal progression
  • Funnel and forecasts
  • Lead generation campaigns on email
  • Quotes/ proposals
  • Order booking
  • Dashboards and reports

Service CRM

US$ 14  (user / month (payable annually)-
(Contact sales for volume licensing plans)
  • Installed base details and history
  • Site location and history
  • Shipment, installation
  • Repair and PM calls scheduling & tracking
  • Warranty tracking
  • Contract management
  • Service quotes
  • Visit management
  • Hierarchy and territory management


US$ 4 (user / month (payable annually)-
(Contact sales for volume licensing plans)
  • Generate demand from the grass-roots
  • Customer profile and history
  • Contact profile and interaction history
  • Mobile based salesforce tracking
  • Visit plan scheduling
  • Visit tracking
  • Automated Daily/ weekly/ monthly reports
  • Attendance management
  • Location and time
  • Visit notes
  • Sample giving and tracking
Sales & Service

Sales & Service CRM

US$ 21(user/ month (payable annually)-
(Contact sales for volume licensing plans)
    • All sales CRM features
    • All service management features
    • Customizable roles on request


Publisher CRM

Publisher CRM

US$ 4 (user/ month (payable annually)-
(Contact sales for volume licensing plans)
  • Bookseller list
  • School location and contact history
  • Scheduling visits
  • Logging visits and discussions
  • Sample handouts
  • Sample tracking
  • Complete geo-tracking
  • Hierarchy and territory management
  • Dashboard and reports
Lifelong CRM for lifelong profit

Lifelong CRM!

US$ 300
One time for lifelong access
  • Single user ONLY
  • All Sales CRM features
  • All Service CRM features
  • Access on Windows 8/ Phone/ Android/ Web
  • Admin privileges
  • Can add other users
  • Unlimited use of all features
  • Automated Daily/monthly reports
  • Pay once and enjoy lifetime access for self.