Sales leads management

Sales leads: Upload, assign, update, cancel, convert

What is a sales lead?

A sales lead is simply information about a possible business opportunity. At the most basic level, it is a name and number to call. It needs to be nurtured, qualified further and more information gathered before it can be accepted in the sales funnel.

A lead can come from any source, marketing campaigns, referrals, call-ins, channel partners etc.

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Convert the lead to a deal

When a lead is found of substance, it should be converted to a deal. Saleswah allows you to convert a lead to a deal and in that process, create a Contact and an Account record as well. The Deal and the Account record (and the Contact) are assigned to the same Sales Executive/ Account Owner.

Assign a lead

A lead can be assigned to one of many roles- sales or marketing. While the person who has been assigned the lead can convert the lead or cancel the lead, she can not re-assign the lead.

Cancel (reject) the lead

Many times, the lead is not valuable. A lead may be cancelled as invalid or of little interest by the person qualifying it. She needs to select the appropriate reason for rejecting it.