Sales Process Management

Sales process management: funnel, territory, deals, lifecycles

If you are selling to businesses- you need Saleswah CRM

Saleswah is best used for sales process management involving sales to other businesses, making forecasts from individual deals and territories and customer life-cycles.

Focus activities on decision makers and link activities to sales results.

Sales process management
Sales call reports from mobile team

Manage territory and hierarchy

No matter how big your team or how spread is the sales territory, Saleswah keeps you upto date and in control. Access is through the web or mobile app.

Get a reality check on your deals

Saleswah does its own evaluation of the sales deals based on information input in the app. It uses a framework called B.A.N.T to assign a score to each deal so you know the deals you should focus on to close.

Sales call reports aligned to business

Send quotes and proposals; schedule activities and track closure

Send quotations, create templated proposals for all occasions. Schedule tasks and appointments linked to deals – track in the calendar. Monitor closure.
Nothing should slip through the cracks.