Bring in sales. Send out your sales team with Saleswah

Nurture relationships, manage schedules, collaborate in a team and grow sales

Nurture, collaborate and grow sales

Empower your sales

Stay connected to your office on the move. Schedule appointments, send proposals, update contact records. Saleswah is on all your devices. Wherever the internet is.

Team of one or hundreds? No problem

Saleswah grows with you. No matter how big or small the team is. Multiple time-zones, currencies; configurable products or services, designations, hierarchies, target markets. Saleswah handles it all.

Track activities, processes and result

Sales is a process. Activities need to be scheduled and tracked. Results follow. Saleswah shows you the link between activities and results. It shows you how “winnable” your deals are and which of your activities are linked to sales.

The future is mobile, the future is now!

We are truly web first, mobile first. Probably the only CRM with apps in Windows store- desktop and mobile, Android and even iPhone (coming soon).

Works seamlessly with Google for Work

Integrated with Google calendar and contacts. So, send your CRM appointments to your linked Google account and pull your Contacts from Gmail.

Online updated dashboards and reports

See how you are performing against the most critical parameters of sales against target, new customer acquisition, funnel growth and win ratio.

Enable and empower your sales team

Plan, do and check for results against objectives. Wherever there is internet, Saleswah will travel with you on your device. Available on Android, Windows and web.

Secure, configurable

Secure access to data controlled by secure login, roles and hierarchy- strictly need to know. Configure your own time-zone, multiple currencies, and proposal templates. Integrate with your own email system.

Easy to use, easy on the pocket

No CRM is this easy and accessible. And it costs less per month than what you spend on coffee.

Sales process management

Sales CRM: manage territories, customers, teams, schedules, visits, deals and lead generation

Accounts and contacts

Accounts and contacts

Profile companies you do business with and contacts who work for them. Keep profiles updated, even sync them with your Google account for easy updates. See history of interactions and transactions. Clean and merge duplicates.

Schedule appointments and tasks

Schedule appointments and tasks

Schedule appointments with anyone. Assign a Task to yourself or someone in your team. Even sync with your Google calendar to get alerts and updates.

Sales management

Sales management: funnel and more

Create a deal, nurture it. Send proposals and quotes and literature. Acknowledge PO. Saleswah gives you automated feedback regarding the deal progress. Are you winning or losing? What more needs to be done? Let Saleswah help you objectively qualify.

Marketing for lead generation

Marketing for lead generation

Create email templates and send out to a targeted list of contacts. Select the target list based on your criteria- mix of profile and interaction history.

Territory management

Territory management

Assign territories to executives. Each territory may have multiple customer accounts. Assign accounts based on geography or market segment. Have executives report to managers. Set targets by executives. Review targets by executives or managers and track achievements against targets by month.

Reports and dashboards

Reports and dashboards

See dashboards and reports on activities and results. Real-time. Win-loss, funnel status, to-do, pending tasks, accounts added and overdue tasks. See trends in order and funnel growth.


Manage business relationships

Profile your customers, schedule activities, generate and nurture opportunities.


Manage territories and teams

Assign territories to executives and managers. Set targets by executives. Review targets by executives or managers and track achievements by month.


Dashboards and reports

Track activities and results – win-loss, funnel status, to-do and overdue tasks.

Sales CRM