Saleswah CRM apps

Saleswah Lite: BYOD!

The Saleswah CRM Software: Get it now on all your devices!

Saleswah Lite CRM Windows 8 App

This one is a visual delight, has very intuitive user interface and is a complete tool for managing Contacts, Accounts, Deals and related Tasks.

A dashboard helps summarize the vital parameters; for more detailed reports you can always log into the web.

The Saleswah Lite desktop CRM App is focused on tracking Contacts, Accounts and Deals and related Tasks and appointments. For generating opportunities, you still need to go to the web based product with its full-suite of marketing functionality.

Saleswah CRM Android App: Now on Google Playstore

The beauty of the Saleswah CRM Android App is how effectively it helps you run your daily customer interactions from your phone.

Saleswah CRM on Windows Store

Thoughtful features like not just letting your call from within the CRM, but logging it as linked to a sales activity. Writing a quick note summarizing the conversation. Being able to import your phone contacts  and Google Contacts to CRM, thus saving on time. Sending proposals to a client right after you met her, from your phone. Setting appointments and linking those to your Google account.

Saleswah CRM: the CRM built for the Phone and Cloud. If you already have Saleswah, get your app today!