Saleswah Lite CRM Readme

About Saleswah Lite CRM:

Congratulations on your decision to download the Saleswah Lite CRM: an installable add-in to Microsoft Outlook.

It is a no fuss add-in that helps you in working with linking your desktop Outlook with your online Saleswah CRM account. You can pull your Outlook contacts into Saleswah, and add Tasks and appointments created in Saleswah into Outlook. Don’t have a Saleswah CRM account? Create one free, here!

Download Saleswah Lite CRM Addin, 6.0 MB

Instructions for intsalling Saleswah Lite CRM in your machine

  • Please ensure you have Outlook (versions 2013 and 2016 are supported) installed in your machine. Close Outlook, if open; before starting to install the software.
  • This software is Windows based only; Linux and Mac OS are not supported.
  • Other than the readmefirst file (do please read that first), you will see 2 other executable files in the folder.
  • Double- Click on Setup.exe. [ DO NOT DOUBLE-CLICK ON SaleswahLiteCRMSetup.Msi ]
  • In case your desktop has all the required Microsoft system libraries, then the installation will proceed; or else, the required libraries will be downloaded over the internet from Microsoft and installed.
  • After the libraries are downloaded and installed, the installation of the Saleswah Lite will proceed.
  • After installation, please restart Outlook. You will see Saleswah Lite appear in the ribbon as a menu.

Already have an account with Saleswah CRM?

Great! Link to your online account, by securely logging in from within the Saleswah Lite Add-in. Now, if you went to the menu of Saleswah Lite, click on “Sync Contacts” or “Sync Tasks” or “Sync Contacts” and you will get the Login Form pop-up. Share your Saleswah CRM credentials and you will be linked to your online account.

For any help with installation or subsequent use, please email

Known issues

The addin may not be visible in the ribbon after you install and start Outlook.

Please check the add-ins under Outlook “Options” and locate Saleswah Outlook Addin. Activate it. Click on always enable.

If you are running Windows 8, consider downloading Saleswah Lite from the Windows store!