Saleswah Lite CRM Outlook Addin

Saleswah Lite CRM Outlook Addin

Saleswah Lite is a Microsoft Windows (8, 8.1, 10 ) installable add-in to Microsoft Outlook that helps you stay synced between your Saleswah CRM online account and your Microsoft Outlook on desktop. It also helps manage your online account password and you can create 480x327a Saleswah CRM account if you do not have one.





Download Saleswah Lite CRM Addin, 2.8 MB

You do need a Saleswah CRM account. The basic Saleswah account is FREE and comes with the security of web storage of your contact and interactions data. If you already have a Saleswah CRM account, simply link it to your Outlook using the addin.


If you are an individual salesman or entrepreneur selling to other businesses, chances are that a solo Saleswah CRM account is all you will need. However, if your team grows or you need to collaborate with a team of fellow salesmen or share data and reports with your managers, you should consider adding more users.

What does the Addin do?

Sync (one way) your Outlook Contacts to Saleswah

Bring your Outlook contact list to your linked Saleswah CRM account in one button click. You can later on go to Saleswah and select the Contacts that you want to save in Saleswah.

Bring your Saleswah Appointments and Tasks to Outlook

Manage your schedules in one place- that is Outlook. But have them updated in Saleswah as you make changes.

Manage your Saleswah account

Create a new Saleswah account, if you do not have one already.

Change your password.

Download Saleswah Lite CRM Addin, 2.8 MB