Saleswah saves time

Saleswah will save you time

From the beginning, our accent has been on the user, keeping it simple, getting him to use it. We focused on getting the salespeople to use it in their daily work.

Automate Sales Tasks like sending proposals through Saleswah

Create templates for standard proposals and sales occasions. Like first meeting, budgetary proposals and so on. Have your sales people send them out even as they finish the meeting with their clients.

Makes a huge difference.

Sales forecast report: for your team or individuals

For the first time, take away as much or more as you put in to a CRM software.

Stay synced with your contacts and calendar

Android and windows smartphone

using Saleswah Lite mobile app.

Microsoft Office 365 Outlook

using Saleswah Lite Windows desktop app; connect to office 365 and stay synced.

Google G-Suite for work

from the Saleswah CRM in the web, connect to your G-suite account and sync.

Microsoft Outlook (Desktop)

install the Saleswah Lite outlook addin and sync your contacts and calendar with Saleswah.