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Create quotations and send on email

How to use the sales quote generator?

If you are selling to another business, many times, they need a formal “quotation” or “quote”. Saleswah is equipped to send out a proper, signed quote- customized with your logo and address and including, taxes, discounts etc. As a pre-requisite, you need to haveuploaded a product list with prices.

To start creating a quote, go to the Add quote submenu under Sales menu to the left.

Step 1

Sales quote generator form comes up. At this stage, simply do the following:

  1. Select the currency
  2. Add a reference number- ideally something that tells you about the enquiry.
  3. Select an expiry date (the date till which you intend to keep the quote- especially the pricing- valid).

Step 2:  The product selector

  1. Select the product category. Wait for the product category description to load below.
  2. Start typing the product name, select the one you want.
  3. Type in the quantity, discount percentage if offered.
  4. Select the tax type and percentage.
  5. Select the Mark up or Mark Down percentage.

Click on “Add new line item” when done. Repeat for every new product item.

Step 3: Terms and Conditions

  1. Select the Contact to whom the quote must be addressed
  2. Type in the shipping terms.
  3. Type in any terms and conditions (note you can anyway send in your standard terms and conditions as attachment –see account set up)
  4. Add the name/ email address of the person you want the purchase order mailed to. Hit save. Your quote is ready to be emailed. Click on the linked PDF file to preview.