Sites, Accounts and Parent Accounts

Account Management in Saleswah: Managing multi-location clients and installations

Account Management

Saleswah CRM is a true B2B CRM. So, as it captures all human interactions to promote business and provide post sales support, it groups all contact records, activities and opportunities within “Accounts”- or companies with whom you are doing business.

Account Management is at the heart of the CRM. So, it is fitting that we provide a dashboard at the individual account level to understand the upto date status of contacts, activities and opportunities in the account and our past history with the account.

Every account has two owners: while the sales owner is mandatory, the service owner is optional. The Sales owner is the lowest level in the sales hierarchy of your users who is responsible for account management related to the particular account.

Introducing Parent Accounts

It is not uncommon, especially in enterprise business, to sell multiple items against one purchase order to one account address. The company (account) then ships the items out to multiple locations within the same company.

We immediately see the difference with the sales scenario. Sales activity may have targeted a different set of users but service will need to be provided across many addresses and in each of those addresses you will need to work with a different set of contacts who are using the equipment day to day.

So, to handle that, we introduced Parent Accounts. Typically the HQ of a multi-location client.

If you have parents, you will have children as well. Accounts (in the Sales CRM) are the children. Sites, another term we introduce, are the children too, from the service CRM perspective.

Accounts and Sites are different names for the same thing. If you are in service, it is a site. If you are in sales, it is an account.