Task management

Sales CRM Task Management: Assign, schedule and track tasks

Assign, update, monitor Tasks

In sales CRM, task management is an integral part of a sales-executive or manager’s job. It helps your executives plan their work day or week. It gives clarity on what they do during the day or week.

You can schedule customer visits, phone calls, demo, cheque collection.. anything; at the click of a button. Actually, you can define the tasks types that matter to your organization.

CRM Task management

Setting up Tasks types for CRM Task Management

Each organization has its own definition of Tasks. So, Saleswah allows you to set up your Tasks types from the admin panel.

Every newly created Saleswah account has some default task types. But, you can change them, add new types, delete them- in short, make it your own.

For details on setting up Task Types and how to use Task Management in general, go to the tutorial on All about Tasks.