The CRM For Everyone

The CRM for everyone

So simple, any one can use Saleswah

Saleswah CRM helps in creating a organization wide culture for CRM. It is simple to use, with enough functionality to track your sales and marketing and customer service activities. Yet, it is simple to use, with intuitive process flows. It is a CRM your team can start to use from day one.

Saleswah, a CRM for everyone:

Saleswah is simple to use. Get your receptionist to use it to log customer inquiries and assign them to the appropriate sales executive; for instance.

Multiple roles can be configured to use Saleswah:

  • Sales Executive
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing executive
  • Head of sales and marketing
  • Telesales
  • Call centre agent
  • Repair technician
  • Installation service provider
  • Administrator
Sales call reports from mobile team

Each role gets access to the data on a need to know basis and limited by hierarchy and job role.