Understanding the Sales CRM user roles
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The Sales CRM User Roles in Saleswah

Sales executive

Sales team members can perform all the activities related to the accounts and contacts in their territories; including adding contacts and accounts and making profiles changes. They can send quotes, proposals and schedule appointments and tasks.

They can also send out marketing campaigns- of course to only their contacts.

Sales Manager:

A Sales Manager can do everything that a Sales Executive does, for his own as well as those of the sales executives (or other sales managers( that report to him.

Marketing user can:

  • Create and send marketing campaigns to the entire database.
  • Add/ Modify Contact and Account Records.

Of course, they can view all records in the entire database, but, they do not have edit privileges to the sales related records- like deal records. Nor can they send quotes or proposals or acknowledge purchase orders.


The administrator is the most powerful role in the Saleswah hirerarchy. This role is by deafult assigned to the person who registered the client account with Saleswah. He can perform in the dual role of the senior most in the hierarchy and the account administrator. Other than the sales manager privileges, he can do / needs to perform the following:

  • Batch-upload the product-price sheet.
  • Set up users and assign roles
  • Purchase user licenses
  • Perform all account setting and customizations
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