Usable and useful

Usable and useful

User friendly and useful CRM: your team will actually use Saleswah

Your team will find use for Saleswah in doing all the things they normally do, everyday!


Saleswah CRM Demo

CRM your team will actually use

Send quotes, or proposals or acknowledge purchase orders or invoice on shipment. Invitecustomers to a seminar, log the registrants. Send literature. Perform professional e- mail marketing using Saleswah. Schedule tasks and activities, log inquiries, pass them on to the right people. Send alerts on SMS. Saleswah CRM sends automated mobile alerts to the users the moment a task or sales lead is assigned to them, anywhere in the world! And, they won’t spend any time creating reports or forecasting– Saleswah will do it for them!

Send literature, proposals, quotes, register for seminars: all from the contact screen of Saleswah.