Why Saleswah

Why Saleswah?

Small business CRM software that “gets” sales

In a hunt, it helps if someone lines up your targets

Selling is tough; let Saleswah help.
Saleswah trawls through customer interaction history and shows you just where you need to focus, which opportunity is further along the funnel and how much your own forecasts are away from reality.
Start selling!

Don’t be limited by where your contacts are

We talk to Microsoft and Google.
Don’t worry about spending hours or even days migrating your customers from other places. Login, click once and your are done importing your contact list with all information.

Don’t spend days or even hours setting up your CRM

No two businesses are alike and you need to customize your CRM too. Saleswah allows you to do it on your own. Logo, email settings, currencies, time-zone, product list, Tasks, target markets..
This small business CRM software allows you to customize all!
And do it in less than half an hour! Start selling.

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks!

… track in Outlook or, your Google Apps calendar

Stay synced across Google Apps, Saleswah CRM and Microsoft Outlook. Sync your CRM tasks to Outlook or on your Google Apps calendar if you prefer.
Ensure nothing falls through the cracks, ever.

Sales and marketing: to the same database, together

Saleswah is a complete sales and marketing management tool for selling to other businesses. Run email marketing campaigns and track responses and automatically assign the promising ones to sales. Clear role based profiles help sales and marketing collaborate and increase business.

Sales works on leads and interacts with prospects. The interaction history is captured by Saleswah and marketing leverages the rich interaction history to finetune future programs.