Saleswah Lite Outlook CRM Addin

Leverage the best of Outlook and CRM

Outlook CRM Addin: Saleswah Lite

The Saleswah Lite Outlook CRM Addin links the worlds of cloud based CRM and desktop based office productivity tools.

Microsoft Outlook is probably the most used office productivity tool in today’s offices. It is used by enterprise workers to send and receive emails, manage their contact lists, set up and track appointments and tasks in their calendar.

The Saleswah Lite in a plugin that installs in your desktop Outlook. It can then securely send your list of contacts from Outlook to your linked Saleswah account in the cloud. You can also send your open Tasks and Appointments from Saleswah to the Outlook calendar.

Our attempt here is to play to the strengths of the respective platforms. Outlook as a platform works well for sending reminders, alerts for your meetings and overdue tasks. Rather than re-create those same alerts in CRM- it is best to generate those from a familiar interface and environment like Outlook.

Stay synced!

You can update your calendar entries in Outlook and the linked calendar entries in Saleswah will get updated.


Link to your Saleswah account (or Create a new one)

You do need a Saleswah Account to use the Saleswah Lite CRM. If you have an existing account, link it with your Outlook using the Saleswah Lite CRM Addin. If you don’t have an account, download the plugin from this page, install it and follow the step by step instructions to create a Saleswah CRM account.